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Elementary Reader Series Our Island Home

Elementary Reader Series Our Island Home
By Pornsawan Brawn
Published by NSW AMES

This resource is comprised of three parts: a booklet of sixteen readings about individuals from different cultural groups living in Australia; and an audio cassette tape. Each booklet gives information about the person's home life, interests and occupations with many opportunities provided for the teacher to exploit the texts for grammatical, vocabulary and pronunciation activities.
There are, however, in my opinion, two things that mar this publication. The feather 'hat' the Torres Strait Islanders wear is a headdress, not a hat. Correct terminology should be be used when describing ceremonial objects. In the story of Anna, there is a sentence beginning, 'Sadly Anna has no children...'. The sentence needs to be changed so that it is Anna who is sad and not society. With these changes, Our Island Home would be a very useful resource.

Reviewed by Margaret Osborne AMEP, Central TAFE, Perth