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Connected Speech

Connected Speech
Produced by Protea Textware Pty Ltd

'Connected Speech' is a CD ROM which is invaluable as a resource for teaching pronunciation to ESL learners.

This CD Rom has 3 levels of difficulty and in each level 9 different personalities are featured with their stories about their lives. The stories are filled with human interest. The grammar, comprehension and speaking and listening exercises are linked to make an enjoyable learning experience.

The main emphasis, as the name of the CDROM suggests, is with speaking and the various skills that help a native speaker enunciate the words of the language in a fluid manner. This emphasis on the spoken word and how it intertwines with other words to make a comprehensible sentence, is taught in such a way that the learner can practice the intonation, the syllabification, the connectedness of the words in a whole sentence, and the spelling of the words.

The learner can travel through the tasks at his or her own pace, repeating exercises at a click of a button or go onto other exercises to try out the variety that is offered.

The instructions are given clearly and in an encouraging manner which would help the student to move from the known to the unknown with confidence. The tasks are graded according to the level of difficulty with the increasing degree of language complexity as the learner moves on from one task to another and from one level to another.

This CDROM would be an asset to the classroom and would add the extra dimension to the ESL teacher's repertoire of resources, in giving that much needed practice in pronunciation and intonation of words as used in the English language.

Reviewed by Christine Rhodes, Mount Isa Institute of TAFE