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At Work In Australia Book 1: Getting A Job - Job seeking skills

At Work In Australia Book 1: Getting A Job - Job seeking skills
by Maggie Power
Published by AMES, Victoria, 2006

This kit consists of a workbook, DVD and audiocassette. It covers comprehensively how to find jobs, skills and goals, resumes, face-to-face communication, networking, job advertisements, telephone skills, job applications, cold canvassing and interview skills. The workbook contains Teachers’ notes and answers, DVD and audiocassette scripts, appendices with effective listening cards, online job websites, interview question cards.

This kit would be ideal for use in CSWEIII vocational classes as a course book since it covers many of the learning outcomes in CSWEIII. Teachers will find a most useful ‘Map of Units’ at the beginning of the book so that they can tie in units with the learning outcomes they have selected to teach.

As I had already started my Job Skills course when I received the material I was unable to use all the units as this class only runs for 3 hours once a week for 8 weeks. However, the students particularly enjoyed the DVD units on telephoning skills, interview preparation and interview skills. The activity on deciding on appropriate attire for interviews was great fun.

I used Unit One of the DVD but found that the language pace of the female American speaker was too fast for the students. The male speaker who was used for the other units spoke much more slowly and clearly and students understood him very well.

I would suggest that a CD would be preferable to the audio-cassette as CDs are always clearer than tapes. I used the audiocassette for activity 3 on unit 7, page 126 and found that the tape quality was not very good.

In conclusion, this is an excellent new vocational teaching resource and it will be invaluable in assisting students to learn job seeking skills in an entertaining style.

Reviewed by Dorothy Lemoine Parin, AMES WA