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AMEP Research Centre

Volume 2 Number 1, 1986


Teachers' evaluation activities: Some ideas from the National Course Reporting Study
- Gary Dowsett and Jim Shaw

The active voice of teachers: Curriculum planning in the AMEP
- Jim Butler and Leo Bartlett

- Judy Colman

The learner's voice: Client input to the AMEP review
- John Brennan

Seven ways of making classroom language learning difficult
- Dick Allwright

Teaching casual conversation to adult ESL learners
- Diana Slade

Stress: No ESL lesson should be without it
- Charles Clennell

Distance Learning: Trialling without tribulation
- Penny Kozlowski

Special feature
Laser-burgers: Cooking up an interactive videodisc - Herb Peppard
The Home Tutor Scheme: Selected research findings - Anne Oner

Taking Australia overseas
TESOL '86 20th Annual Convention, Anaheim California
National meetings: Highlights

1. Adult migrant literacy
2. Materials development

Book review

Publications received

Notes on contributors