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AMEP Research Centre

Volume 9 Number 3, Dec 1994

Editorial - Anne Burns

Intercultural communication and problem-solving skills: 
A training approach 

- Margaret Byrne and Helen FitzGerald

Student perspectives of peer response: How useful is it? 
- Charles Lockhart and Penny Ng

The learner as curriculum resource in English for Professional Employment courses. 
- Jill Burton and Wanda Rusek

Changing the role relationships between classroom teacher and ESL teacher 
- Sophie Arkoudis

NCELTR Papers 
What's critical in teaching writing to adults? 
- Elsa Anerbach 
- Liz Hamp-Lyons

Book reviews  
"Linguistics in the service of society: Essays in honour of Susan Kaldor" 
"Research methods in language learning"

Publications received

Forthcoming Events

Notes on Contributors

Notes for Contributors