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AMEP Research Centre

Volume 6 Number 2, May 1991


Migrants and Award Restructuring

- Bill Cleland

Key Visuals: Links Between Language and the Context in Which it Occurs
- Margaret Early

Do We Assume Too Much? Measuring the Cross-Cultural Appropriacy of Our Teaching Aids
- Linda Achren

Developing Literacy in Adults: The Role of Awareness in Learning and Explicitness in Teaching
- Bill Winser

Learning-How-To-Learn: A Review of Current Learner Strategies Publications
- Ken Willing

Assessing Achievement in Distance Learning
- Kieran O'Loughlin

Book Reviews
"Exercises on Idioms"
"Exercises on Phrasal Verbs"
"Grammar Practice Activities"
"Bilingualism in Education"
Publications Received
Forthcoming Events
Notes on Contributors
Index: Volume 5, Issues 1-3
Notes for Contributor