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AMEP Research Centre

Volume 4 Number 1, Sept 1988


Classroom research: Recent methods and findings

- Craig Chaudron

Curriculum structures in adult language learning: Implications for the AMEP
- Judy Colman

Priority setting practices: For whom and by whom
- George Miltenyi

Student assessment for the Certificate in ESL
- Pat Hackett

An Aussie Barbie without snags: Evaluation of an interactive videodisc for AMEP learners
- Anne Field

Overcoming the distance: Reflections on being a distance learning teacher
- Anne Beaverson

Educational implications of the AMEP Computerized Information System
- Shirley Martin

Teachers' exchange
Talking about language learning and teaching
- Ruth Wajnryb
Mixed level teaching - Marilyn Lewis

Taking Australia overseas
RELC 1988: Materials for language learning and teaching
- New trends and developments

Book reviews
The web of words
Testing spoken language
English for science and technology: A discourse approach
Writing and learning in Australia
Principles of course design for language teaching

Publications received

Forthcoming events

Notes on contributors