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AMEP Research Centre

Volume 3 Number 2, Jan. 1988


Learning strategies as information management: Some definitions for a theory of learning strategies

- Ken Willing

Developing an instrument to assess structural proficiency in English
- B Tomlinson, PE Griffin, L Martin and RJ Adams

Autonomy within the AMEP
- Jane Crawford

Error and the beginning teacher
- Ruth Wajnryb

Hidden agendas in basic literacy learning: Negotiating shared understandings between tutor and learner
- Carol Scott

Teachers' exchange
'Is that a sheet I see before me …?': Phonology in the classroom
- Don Purvis

Taking Australia overseas
1. ESL Conference and Study Tour: China and Hong Kong, 27 September 1987 to 11 October 1987
2. TESOL Scotland Conference, November 1987

National meetings and initiatives

Book Reviews

Developing communication skills

Think twice: Communication activities for beginner to intermediate students

Way ahead, Books 2 and 3: The new Penguin course

Ways of writing

The bilingual family: A handbook for parents

Publications received

Forthcoming events

Notes on contributors