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AMEP Research Centre

Volume 2 Number 2, 1987


Readers' forum

The Ghost in the machine: An examination of the concept of language proficiency

- David Nunan

Use of the learner's first language in adult migrant education
- Catherine O'Grady

Needs-based programming and the provision of English language tuition in the AMEP
- Alex Barthel, Chris Hughes and Diana Slade

Personal perspectives on the AMEP after the Campbell Review
1. The way ahead - Bill Leslie
2. Planning for the future: Managing change - Jack Hoadley (interviewed by Chris Corbel)

Special feature
English in the Workplace: The process of change

1. The context - Don Plimer
2. Introduction - Don Plimer
3. The industrial perspective in New South Wales - Don Plimer
4. Curriculum developments in Victoria - William Mullane
5. Teaching English in the workplace in South Australia - Robyn Bean

Teachers' exchange
Total Physical Response (TPR) Methodology as part of an eclectic program for beginners - Ros Eaves
State reports

1. AMES (Western Australia): Post-Campbell Review: English in the Workplace: Immigrant youth
2. AMES (South Australia) Immigrant youth

Book review

Publications received

Notes on contributors