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AMEP Research Centre

Volume 14 Number 2, August 1999

Editorial - Jennifer Hammond and Anne Burns

‘Wither’ ESL? Post-literacy Prospects for English as a second language programs in Australian schools
- Michael Michell

ESL and literacy education: Revisiting the relationship
- Jennifer Hammond and Beverly Derewianka

Policy words: Talking bilingual education and ESL into English literacy
- Joseph Lo Bianco

Standards-based reform through literacy benchmarks: Comparisons between Australia and the United States
- Penny McKay

Missing the mark: The problem with benchmarking of ESL students in Australian schools
- Chris Davison

Book reviews: 
"Australian literacies: Informing national policy on literacy education" 
"Constructing critical literacies: Teaching and learning textual practices" 
"Teachers’ voices 3: Teaching critical literacy" 

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