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AMEP Research Centre

Volume 12 Number 2, Sept 1997

Editorial - Anne Burns and Rod Gardner

Speaking Englishes, speaking cultures, using CANCODE 

-Ronald Carter

The listener and minimal responses in conversational interaction 
- Rod Gardner

Modality in task-oriented discourse: The role of subjectivity in 'getting the job done' 
-Ken Willing

Stories and gossip in English: The macro-structure of casual talk 
- Diana Slade

Authentic spoken texts in the language classroom 
- Anne Burns, Sandra Gollin and Helen Joyce

Book reviews: 
"Analysing casual conversation" 
"Idioms and idiomaticity" 
"'I see what you mean': Using spoken discourse in the classroom; A handbook for teachers" 
"Disorders of discourse" 
"Exploring spoken English"

Publications received

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