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Better outcomes for injured children | Project | AIHI - Australian Institute of Health Innovation

Better outcomes for severely injured children and their families through the trauma journey

Project Main Description

Injury is a major cause of hospitalisation of children aged 16 years or less in Australia. This program of research will describe the incidence of major paediatric trauma in Australia and identify the unmet needs of the parents and families of these children. This research will provide evidence to generate interventions that are most likely to be effective in assisting parents of injured children to navigate their way through their trauma journey.  This research program focuses on three key areas:

  1. Survival following paediatric injury(Led by Associate Professor Rebecca Mitchell). This is a national epidemiological study of paediatric injury. It involves linking hospital admission and mortality data for a 10 year period to examine the burden and causes of paediatric injury by injury severity and to identify factors influencing survival by trauma centre level.
  2. Parental experience of their child’s trauma journey (Led by Professor Kim Foster). This is a prospective, longitudinal study using an embedded mixed methods design where 30 parents of severely injured children treated at 5 hospitals across Australia will be followed for 2 years following their child’s injury. The study will examine the experiences, unmet needs and outcomes for parents of physically injured children throughout their trauma journey.
  3. Paediatric trauma care provision models (Led by Associate Professor Kate Curtis). This is a mixed methods study that will examine the context in which care is provided for severely injured children at 5 paediatric trauma hospitals across Australia. It will involve surveys, semi-structured interviews, and a series of focus groups with hospital staff.  It will also evaluate the use of a Family Support Coordinator in one hospital to assist families to navigate the health care system and identify appropriate resources for their needs.
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