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AMEP Research Centre

AMEP National Forum 1 2008

Pathways to Settlement

Professor Steven Schwartz
The Honourable Laurie Ferguson MP
Professor Ingrid Piller
Joan ten Brummelaar
Delegate responding

We were pleased to have Professor Steven Schwartz, Vice-Chancellor of Macquarie University, open the first AMEP National Forum for 2008 Pathways to Settlement. In acknowledging the traditional owners of the land, the Dharrug people, he reminded all attendees of our own condition as migrants in this country. Professor Schwartz reflected on the Adult Migrant English Program’s importance in successful settlement as English literacy was integral to fulfilling one's potential in Australia.

Following the opening, the Honourable Laurie Ferguson MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services offered “a vision for the future” of the AMEP. He celebrated the importance of the Adult Migrant English Program to Australian nation building over the past 60 years. During this time, Australia has been a world leader in its provision of English language tuition for migrants. He invited all AMEP Service Providers to look towards the future through the 2008 review; to see it as an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the past and improve future services provided to clients.

As part of the address the Hon Mr Ferguson launched the SPP Youth Series Get Wise. The Get Wise series has been developed over the past two and a half years and provides excellent Australian settlement resources through content-based learning methodology  that contextualise valuable life lessons - specifically to young adult English learners but also the broader AMEP client group.

In this material students have the opportunity to explore career and education pathways, health, healthy eating, visiting a doctor, filling in forms, making a budget, going shopping, mobile phone plans, signage, sending emails, keeping fit, making the most of your community, water safety, different cultures in Australia and many other important areas of the Australian way of life.

Paula Kansky, from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), began her discussion on the 2008 AMEP Review by suggesting that the department’s primary focus was to reflect and review the extent to which the AMEP is meeting the needs of clients. This would entail a review of the current “one size fits all” approach by AMEP professionals.

The key focus of the forum was the development of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for the AMEP. DIAC and DEEWR representatives explained their expectations of the ILP, which include use between associated agencies such as Job Network and Centrelink in order to meet a client’s personal goals more effectively.

Delegates began discussion and group work on a proposed ILP in the afternoon. Overnight Pamela McPherson drew together each group’s points into a summary document for comment. The work has allowed for the AMEP Research Centre to collate some solid feedback from Service Providers to DIAC.

The AMEP RC would like to thank the following people for their informative presentations:

Dr Jane Lee - University of New South Wales The labour market experiences of Korean Migrant Women. (PDF Available)

Helen de Silva Joyce – NSW AMES Pathways to work: What language to learn along the way. (PDF Available)

Helen Zimmerman – Navitas English language teaching, Australia’s place in the world.

Bernard Makeny – Africa on Screen – Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE). Screening of The Applicant and Colour Blind.

***Please note: PDF presentations and audio files will be available on this link shortly.***