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AMEP Research Centre

2009 Forum 2

Language training for social inclusion


The second and final AMEP National Forum was held at the MGSM Conference Centre, Macquarie University on 12th and 13th November 2009.   

Please click on the links below to view slides and listen to podcasts from the following presentations:

(in order of presentation)

Thursday 12th November

The Hon Laurie Ferguson, MP: Welcome and opening

Ingrid Piller: Language training for the workplace in a global perspective (pdf)   (podcast)

Lynda Yates: Language training and settlement success: An overview (pdf) (podcast)

Laura Ficorilli and Sun Hee Ok Kim: Expectations, goals and wishes: Towards settlement in a new country (pdf) (podcast)

Lynda Yates and Kerry Taylor-Leech: Speaking and listening in the classroom and the community (pdf) (podcast)

Pam McPherson: Perceptions of literacy: Hearing the learner (pdf) (podcast)

Alan Williams and Charlotte Setijadi-Dunn: Learner comments on their experience of the AMEP (pdf) (podcast)

Forum Discussion Day 1 (podcast)

Beth Zielinski: Pronunciation for teachers: A new professional development resource (pdf) (podcast)

Friday 13th November

Janet Holmes: When small talk is a big deal: Developing socio-pragmatic competence for the workplace (pdf)
Language in the workplace: selected publications (2003-2009) (pdf) (podcast)

Loy Lising: "From banking to fencing": Language learning, employment and social inclusion (pdf) (podcast)

Vicki Hambling: We want to speak (pdf) (podcast)

Elsie Cole: Asking the experts: Reflections from a Teacher Research perspective (pdf) (podcast)

Margaret Gunn: Memories, methodologies and memos (podcast)

Alan Williams: Perceptions of language progress (pdf) (podcast)

Agnes Terraschke: Reported use of English outside the AMEP (pdf) (podcast)

Vera Tetteh: Second language learning for settlement and social inclusion for all: Africans in regional / rural Australia (pdf) (podcast)

Alan Williams and Charlotte Setijadi-Dunn: Educational pathways (pdf)  (podcast)