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AMEP Research Centre

2008 Forum 2

Language Learning in the Ditigal Age

Homeira Hosseini and Bernard Lewis presenting at the AMEP National Forum, November 2009
Group discussions at the AMEP National ForumMartina MölleringMike Levy

From left to right: Homeira Hosseini and Bernard Lewis, group discussion at the Forum, Martina Möllering, and Mike Levy.

The second AMEP National Forum was held at the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE, Preston Conference Centre, Melbourne on 13 & 14 November, 2008.   

Please click on the links below to view slides from the following presentations:

Marian Hargreaves: Developing assessment tasks for the Assessment Taskbank

Mike Levy: Motivating students through CALL: Aligning technological options with pedagogical goals

Martina Möllering: Developing an integrated approach to language teaching online

Barbara Reeckman: Cyber bullying or online harassment - a TAFE perspective

Dora Troupiotis: Express yourself - using wikis to support delivery and assessment with CALD adult learners



Muriel Aloizosgroup discussion at the Forum
John HedbergGroup discussions at the Forum

From left to right: Muriel Aloizos, group discussion at the Forum, John Hedberg, more discussion at the Forum.