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AMEPRC National Forums

AMEP National Forums 2009

AMEP National Forums are hosted by the AMEP Research Centre in different states and regions of Australia. The Forums offer opportunities for professional staff with program management and curriculum responsibilities to network with Research Centre academics, senior Department of Immigration and Citizenship officers, and peers from AMEP service provider organisations and to consider issues that impact on program delivery.

AMEP Service Provider Heads are invited to nominate key AMEP staff to participate in the 2009 program of National Forums.

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Language, workplace and employability skills

This forum will focus on issues associated with language learning and the workplace. Sessions by researchers and practitioners will highlight current trends, future directions and good practice in preparing clients for the language demands of the workplace, including the delivery of employability skills in the AMEP.

14 - 15 May 2009 Southbank Institute of TAFE, Brisbane QLD ~ Forum Report

Language training for social inclusion

This Forum will report on the findings of a longitudinal research project Language training for settlement success conducted by the AMEP RC in 2008 and 2009. The reports will focus on learners' views and experiences of language learning in the AMEP and its role in facilitating their successful participation in the community.

12 - 13 November 2009 Macquarie University, Sydney NSW

AMEP National Forums 2008

Pathways to settlement

At this forum, participants will engage in the development of a draft for a national Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for students. Discussions will include the primary purpose of the ILP, its role in developing learning pathways, and key elements in its design and content. It is expected that the outcome will be a recommended model that will be submitted to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for endorsement; and, if supported, would be implemented by the AMEP nationwide.

17-18 April 200, Macquarie University, Sydney NSW ~ Forum Report

Language learning in the digital age

This Forum will be concerned with issues associated with e-learning in the AMEP. Sessions by researchers and practitioners will highlight current trends, future directions and best practice in the use of digital technologies for language learning.

13-14 November 2008, NMIT Conference Centre, Mebourne VIC ~ Forum Report

AMEP National Forums 2007

Learners in Transition. ELS TAFE SA.

Orientation to work and English in the AMEP. ACT AMEP.

AMEP National Forums 2006

Issues in program design ~ Forum Report

Learners from Africa ~ Forum Report

AMEP National Forums 2005

Culture, content and language learning

Meeting youth settlement needs

AMEP National Forum 2004

Assessment and program planning

AMEP National Forums 2003

AMEP learners: exploring and managing diversity
Teaching spoken language: Perspectives for the AMEP

AMEP National Forums 2002

Teaching in a technological era
L1 influences on English language learning

AMEP National Forums 2001

Changing patterns of learner groups in the AMEP
Reach, retention and results