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AMEP Research Centre

AMEPRC Conference 2006

Date: 5th - 7th October, 2006
Venue host: Central TAFE, Perth WA

Speaker Title
Julian Edge Toward a culture of teacher learning
John Hedberg

Using technologies to disrupt traditional pedagogies

Karen Barber, Donna Butorac and Shirley Haak Developing appropriate cultures of teacher learning
Vahida Berberovic A framework for managing people
Pornsawan Brawn To err is human: error analysis at a glance
Emma Caukill, Sally Hearn, Jacki Springall Pathways to employment for learners in the AMEP
Svetlana Chekhourdina and Maria Popova Russian learners in the DET AMEP consortium: multicultural aspects of counselling
Anna C-S Chang

L2 Listening support: its effectiveness and limitations

Dhammika Fernando A Dialogue on Journals
Lois Gijsbers & Sharon Templeman Passport to Employment and Further Study
Jane Graham, Susanne Gunning and Dorothy Waterhouse CSWE Online: A flexible resource for flexible delivery
Susanne Gunning CSWE Online: An exciting option for AMEP students
Kim Hastwell Refugee Policies: Issues for Adult Language Education
Owen Lowe Performance Appraisal Process
Ildi Molnar Connecting Teaching and Assessment
Phillip Nichols New tricks: enthusing mature lecturers for e-teaching
Rhonda Oliver What can we learn from child second language acquirers to help in our teaching of adults?
Nanette Reynolds & Frances Wilson Managing TESOL knowledge: the role of NCLETR's Resource Centre
Lynda Yates Complex requests and learners from Sudan