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AMEP Research Centre

AMEPRC Conference 2003

Date: 7th - 9th November, 2003
Venue host: Gold Coast Institute of TAFE, Southport QLD

Speaker Title

Cintia Agosti,
Lisa Barrett

Preparing students before and after university entry: direct entry and ongoing support courses at Macquarie University

Karen Aylott,
Julie Sawyer

Goal clarification - maximising student participation in the Australian community through the AMEP

Pornsawan Brawn Training volunteer tutors for reading skills enhancement

Anna Ching-Shyang Chang

The effects of listening support on listening comprehension for EFL learners

Eileen Chau

Developing beginner language skills through video


Sophie Cholewka

Design and completion of online tasks for the Certificate in Spoken and Written English (CSWE): teacher idealisations and learner realizations

Inna Gvozdenko

Understanding beliefs of Russian-speaking immigrants in adult ESL classroom

Tim Lever Computer use in student self-access
Peter McCulloch Strategic Planning: A path through the maze
Denise E. Murray,
Prue Hemming,
Tamara Sydorenko
Intergrating content and language: Meeting the needs of learner drivers

Judy Perkins

Case studies of learners from the Horn of Africa

Silvia Ratcheva In natural context: Acculturation, attitudes, motivation and English language proficiency among adult migrants in Newcastle
Justine Takano Education, Language Commoditisation
Djasminar Tasman

Syllabus design for scientists at the Research and Development Centre for OIL and Gas Technology "LEMIGAS" on oral English course in ESP context

Jennifer Thurstun Helping students with webpages and search engines

Geoffrey Watt

Should 'drilling' = 'boring'? A computer-based approach to vocabulary building

Alan Williams

The other side of the coin: what should we do about culture?

Lynda Yates Performing Generic Skills in English
Pronunciation in discourse: assessing intelligibility
Extending repertoires project 2003-4
Speaking with intent: Pragmatics in the AMEP