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AMEP Research Centre

Hayo Reinders

About Dr Hayo Reinders

Dr. Hayo Reinders ( works at RELC for the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education, in Singapore.

He was previously founding Director of the English Language Self-Access Centre at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He is editor of Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, published by Multilingual Matters. His most recent books include a book on teaching methodologies, published by Pearson Education and an edited book on Learner Autonomy, published by Benjamins. His interests are in CALL and Learner Autonomy.


Technology is offering learners easier access to information and language learning materials at times and in ways that suit them best. With this increased access and control over learning comes increased responsibility to manage that learning. But this is an ability that most learners do not naturally possess. As a consequence, teachers look for ways to support out-of-class learning. At the same time, teachers are aware of changes in learning preferences and are trying to match those in their teaching.

In this presentation I will look at some of the ways in which (technological) opportunities affect learning and teaching practice and offer practical suggestions for AMEP teachers to better prepare themselves and their learners.